The Most Comfortable Loungewear From Femme Luxe

Happy New Year 2021, everyone! We already enter the new year, yet there aren’t much change with the whole COVID-19 situation. It’s safe to say that our life will still be very much inside for the next months. That is why I’m so grateful to have received the most comfortable loungewear from Femme Luxe , a Manchester, England based fashion brand. I’m sharing with you my honest review of their products here. Enjoy!

Please note that I normally wear size UK 12 / EU 38. I tend to go 1 size up for coats, outerwears and sweaters. As these are comfy loungewear sets, I go 1 size up to UK 14. (Each product link is attached!)

Let’s start this review with a bang! This one is my favourite. What I like most about this one is that the material is so comfortable, so soft on the skin, yet so warm. I wore this lounge set around the house, but it’s also so good looking to wear on an outing. I couldn’t resist wearing this for my family’s New Year Day brunch.

Stone Boxy Cropped Hoodie Cuffed Joggers Loungewear Set – Cailleigh (SIZE 14)

I think my outfit sent a clear message that says “I stayed up late the night before and would love to stay in bed. But it’s New Year’s Day and it’s the only day considered appropriate to drink before noon, so I’m going to do exactly that!”. I love this outfit so much.

Now, onto the next one…

Brown Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set – Asia (SIZE M/L – 12/14)

This lounge set is what I consider as second-skin like. I love to wear it as sleepwear, too. It’s so comfortable to wear in bed and it’s equally comfortable to be worn when running errands or doing chores at home. Honestly, I’m starting to have this crazy thought that I need this loungewear in every colour, one for every day of the week.

White ‘Fearless Femme’ Slogan Print TShirt – Lily (Size XL 12/14)

Sadly, this t-shirt is no longer available on Femme Luxe website, there are similar ones like this ‘Paradise’ Slogan Print Crew Neck T-Shirt – Cordelia or Black Sweet But Psycho Print T-Shirt – Alyssa .The fabric of the t-shirt is very soft. My fiance is very picky about his t-shirt material. Because we live in tropical climate, he likes his clothes made of breathable fabric and are comfortable to be worn in hot and humid weather. He approves this one, and since I got it in bigger size, I can wear it as a mini dress and it also means that he can wear it, too! And yes, I often wear his t-shirts at home, too 🙂

This is how I like to wear men’s t-shirts at home.

I also tried to style the oversized t-shirt for going out, and I love how it turned out.

I love to tie a knot in men’s t-shirt / shirt or oversized t-shirt to make it more form-fitting. It’s my absolute go to trick when I’m in the mood to wear men’s shirts/ t-shirt. (You girls know that there are times when you get bored with your own clothes and feel the need to borrow other’s clothes or buy new ones even when we already have a closet full of clothes! Yep, I feel you. This is when I put this trick to good use.)

I hope you find my review useful. I’m a new fan of Femme Luxe now, and will get more items from them (especially their loungewear) in the future. I love their products not only for the simple yet versatile designs (You can wear their clothes at home or for going out, they are also comfortable and flexible enough to work out in. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.), but I also love the premium material they use for their clothes.

Yesterday, it was one of my childhood friends birthday. He lives in London, where lockdown is still heavily imposed. As I wished that he may “still find little treasures and enjoy simple pleasures in life despite all this”, I found that it’s also true for me. It’s also something that I wish for myself. I wish each and everyone of you the same.



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