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Gothic style, one of the leading trends nowadays, was launched by the Gothic rock genre, Bauhaus. This so-called dark style gives us an opportunity to express ourselves in the most different and unique ways, by using the imagination.

The charm behind the dark Goth
So, let’s explore that Gothic charm. The main themes of Gothic music and art, as well, are death, darkness, and all the mysteries of the Universe. That is the main reason why black is the leading color of this style. There are a lot of Goth fashion styles, such as a Punk Goth, Street Goth, Romantic Goth, but Gothic Lolita is the most popular among them. Gothic Lolita is one of the Japan’s very popular fashion street styles, and it was popularized by the Japanese musician, Mana.
To understand well what is Gothic Lolita, it’s really important to make a difference between Lolita, and a Gothic one. What defines Lolita style: Victorian gowns, lace umbrellas, knee-high socks, and a very specific look – sweet-but-dark porcelain doll look. On the other side, Gothic Lolita is a complete opposite to an old, traditional, sweet Lolita; it’s the darker version of it. The Gothic Lolita style is characterized by dark clothing, combined usually with white or cream, strong, black makeup, and indispensable Gothic jewelry.
The main difference between Gothic and Gothic Lolita is that Lolita
makeup is a little bit darker, and it’s very unusual to see Lolita
wearing pink or red, which is not a case with Goths.

Goth influences on Gothic Lolita
Here are the some of the similarities between Goth and Gothic Lolita look:
– The common accessories: Gothic crosses, religious themes, skulls, dragons, and bats.
– Darker colors: such as black, maroon, and deep purple.
– Belt design: Gothic Lolita kept the belt design from the Gothic style. Those are usually leather thorn belts with a lot of chains, or straps. With such detail, you’ll definitely be a Queen of the darkness.
– Cape or pointed collar: As the Gothic culture is inspired by the Vampire movies, books, and series, as well, it’s not strange that capes, and collars are very popular pieces of clothing among them. Black shirt with pointed collar combined with leather pants, and black motorcycle boots or Mary Jane shoes could be a very attractive classic combination.

– Layered skirt: This is one of the essential parts of the Gothic style, although Gothic Lolita usually wears a petticoat to achieve a “cupcake” look.
– Common hair: Straightened or curled hair left down is one of the main characteristics of both styles.
– Common makeup: Smokey eyes, dark lipstick, and light brush are the common characteristics of Gothic and Lolita styles.
What is interesting is that Lolita prefers the natural look, and a
black lipstick is almost never used.

The Gothic punk clothing
As I’ve mentioned before, there are many variations of a Gothic style, and the Gothic punk is one of them. What are the characteristics of the Gothic punk style? This is a very striking and popular style nowadays, where you should wear the most unusual combinations to get a real Gothic punk look. Here are some of a very trendy pieces of the Gothic punk clothing:
– Layered skirts: Combined with the perfect black shirt with puff sleeves, this skirt will definitely contribute to your romantic punk look.
– Zipper Gothic neck vest: This piece of clothes combined with a black leather pants, and high heels will lead you to a perfect look.
– Fishnet stockings: If you want to be a part of a Goth punk culture, you should definitely buy a fishnet stockings, and a fishnet body, as well. They would complete your sexy and mysterious punk look.
– High heels: One of the essential parts of Goth punk clothing which makes you feel powerful.
– Jewelry blockbusters with strong punk style: punk rock skeleton link chain hand gloves, leather spike bracelet, skull chain bracelet, leather necklaces and chokers, as well, large earrings with safety pin, leather thorn belts with a lot of chains, and many other interesting items that will definitely complete your Goth punk clothes.

A model Martha Streck by Manolo Campion for V Magazine 2013 Martha Streck prepared for us such a big refreshment 2013, when she posed for the V magazine 2013, dressed in a Goth punk clothing.
One of the most interesting pictures is definitely the one where she’s wearing a super sexy combination: fishnet stockings and body, black underwear, and a very stylish, colorful shirt, with large leather thorn bracelets on both hands, a big effective necklace, and quite natural makeup. Definitely a prominent combination!

The other one which also attracts a lot of attention is where Martha’s wearing a very stylish and quite interesting big black hat, with a lot of blockbusters jewelry, strong eye makeup, bright lipstick, black nails, see through dress, and a big coat, the same style as a hat, all over her body.
As we can see, she is really a good example and a great representative of the Gothic punk style. Very unusual and innovative shooting, don’t you agree?

The Gothic clothing items
As we have already seen the women’s wardrobe, let’s talk a little bit about men’s. There is one interesting fact about the Goth men: they use a makeup much more than in the other fashion cultures. Here are some of the most popular men’s Gothic clothing, and items:
Gothic military trousers: This piece of clothes could be well combined with a simple black T-shirt and a leather jacket, and boots.
– Printed T-shirts are very popular among Goth men, and they could be combined with classic or leather pants, and leather boots.
– Trousers with detachable waist seal: To get your perfect Gothic look, you should definitely combine these trousers with a simple T-shirt with holes.
– Gothic items: Gothic style cross, pentacle, cape, choker, shawl, black hat, bracelets and necklaces with the motives of skulls, stars, bats, and dragons are the Gothic elements that will definitely help you to complete your Gothic look.
People usually have completely different reactions when they see a Gothic styled person: or are enthusiastic, or they connect them with sect.
But, what kind of personality really reveals the Gothic clothing?
Gothic style has changed over the years and now it’s a multi-faceted genre. So, it’s not more popular opinion that the Goths are always depressed. They are just the individuals who want to have the same style as their favorite musician, or model, and who want to express themselves in unique ways. What people actually don’t know is that this is not only the fashion style, but the style of living, as well.

To be a part of a Gothic culture, you need to be very creative, innovative, and to let the imagination works for you. There are so many variations of a Gothic style, but which one you’ll choose, which the unique of Gothic costume you’ll choose, it’s up to you!

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