Nintendo Switch Lite Coral Pink Review

Earlier this year, my little sister bought a new game on her Nintendo Switch. Well, none other than the Animal Crossing New Horizon! At first I couldn’t grasp what’s the fun of that games while looking at my sister spent hours and hours on her console since she got that game. So, I asked her if she could let me play. And no need to say that I was hooked! And after wrestling my conscious for months (because I am not usually a console gamer) I finally got myself a Nintendo Switch Lite console and the Animal Crossing game! Here is my Nintendo Switch Lite Coral Pink Review, why did I choose this over the full size console and how I plan to accessories my new Nintendo.

The first thing I thought about was should I get the Nintendo Switch full size console or a Lite version? Well, if you asked me I would go straight to the appearance, with Nintendo Lite having gorgeous colours to choose from. Naturally, the coral pink one grabbed my attention. The turquoise colour is also pretty. But the real question is the function. I am not a big console gamer myself, I don’t really enjoy playing games on wide screen like a television. I usually play games on my phone and I have no problem with that. Also, I haven’t planned to play any games other than Animal Crossing. So, buying the full version seemed like a waste of money and I wouldn’t get to use the console in it’s full potential.

After I got the console in my hand and tried playing it, there are a few differences that I noticed than my sister’s Nintendo Switch full size console. 1. The first one is the sound, full size console has better quality sound system. Which is understandable given the price different.

2. This Lite version also has shorter battery life than the full size V2, again, understandable. Since bigger console is more likely to house bigger capacity battery.

3. The Lite console has no rumble function. So, you won’t get the vibration effect when you’re playing. Which to me, is totally tolerable. I have no problem with it.

4. This one is the best, the Nintendo Switch Lite is of course, lighter in weight, and I really enjoy playing with it for hours. The full size console will take a toll on your hands, you will it after some time. It’s heavy!

5. Nintendo Switch Lite has a more yellowish screen tone, the full size one is more white toned.

6. Nintendo Switch Lite buttons have more depth when you press them. It’s the same feeling as when you type on your blackberry keyboard (do you remember those time?? ;P)

Now, I am planning to buy some accessories for my Nintendo Switch. I found some options online (stay safe people, shop online!). If you’re planning to buy the console or accessories, here are some ideas. For my readers in Indonesia, we can always count on Tokopedia or Shopee, you can easily find stuff in there. For my readers in other countries, you can check the links I attached on the images below.

For you who prefer a full size Nintendo Switch.
Or if you want a coral pink Nintendo Switch Lite like mine.
This was my second choice.
The game that got me hooked!
If you want to spend extra dollar for this limited edition Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing edition. I love the design so much!
Tempered glass screen protector. For me, this is non-negotiable, we need to keep our screens safe.
Protective case for your Nintendo Switch.
A pouch to keep your Nintendo Switch and makes it safer to carry your nintendo around. You can also find many other designs that will suit your needs.
Nintendo Switch thumb grip caps. Again, there are so many designs to choose from. I would totally get one of these to protect my joysticks and keep them in good condition. They also look cute!

So, there you go. My Nintendo Switch Lite coral pink review and some accesories ideas. I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.



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