Classic Modern Interior Design

My fiance and I are in the process of buying a house, so naturally we have been discussing about interior design and how we want our first home together to look like. There is a slight problem, though. We have different design preferences. He’s a true blue modern man who likes a bachelor pad style design. While on the other end, I have a classic approach of a “Versailles”-like gold grandeur. Any other couples facing the same home decor issue? LOL. So I started to rummage through my Pinterest app for some design inspirations to meet my fiance’s preferences in the middle. I unexpectedly found some classic modern interior design style.

Classic living room with minimal modern furniture.
Look at those pink chairs! I love pink colour so much, and my fiance doesn’t. Lol.
I love that elegant black marble mantle piece, the sleek sofa and cubicle table.
A modern black and white room with a touch of classic gold frame mirror.

It used to be only classic design, or modern design. But now, we can have a hybrid of classic modern interior design.

To start with, I look at the size of our house. It is pretty small, since the house is in a good location very close to my fiance’s office. So, we can only afford a small size for now. With the size, I accept that it is more sensible to go for modern minimalistic decor. How can I incorporate classic details in the modern design to make it feel somewhat in the middle?

Here are some classic home decor items that I found on Amazon to add a little pizzazz to your home (click the images to view products) :

The favourite mirror of nearly all fashionable influencers on Instagram.
This ornament tray will look great on your coffee table, on your make up table or on your kitchen isle.
Sleek curtain holder, but gold and glamorous.
Another mirror, but you can hang this one above a console table or as your make up mirror.
And of course I need to have some gold vase to house my flowers, too!
Another option for the gold vase.

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do writing it. Wish us luck on our journey of renovating and decorating! I hope we can share the final look our home with you here on the blog in the future.



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