My 3 Favourite Things From AW Bridal

Lately I have started to plan my wedding, I already know how I want my wedding to look like. Now, the hunt is officially started. I was quite surprised to see that nowadays wedding industry is leaning more towards the DIY end. Rarely do people want a big wedding these days (I’m included). I got acquainted with AW Bridal and I visited their website for inspirations and perhaps get something from them as they sell wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, decoration, hair pieces, etc. Here are my 3 favourite things from AW Bridal.

Their Wedding Dresses
AW Bridal’s collection is the simple classic wedding dresses. If you like dresses without a lot of fuss, yet still screaming “BRIDE”, they are for you. Here are some of them :

Their Hair Pieces

This is the best thing in AW Bridal website (my favourite actually!). They get you covered in the hair accessory department, crowns, hair clips, hair bands, hair combs you name it. They have the pretties stuff for the hair with the best price. I tried my best to narrow down into just 5, but here are my best picks :

Their Floor Length Veils

Wedding veils are the details that can make or break your look as a bride. I always adore the classic and elegant brides wearing floor length veils on their wedding day. I love the combination of a more simple dress with an extravagant veil look.

Planning a wedding is not an easy task, but with the right vendors, it will help to make a smoother planning and executions. There are great products for every budget and by sticking with your budget, it also helps keeping the stress level at bay. I’m embarking on this crazy yet exciting journey and let’s cross our fingers that everything will go well!



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