3 Best Museums in Bandung

Holiday season is right here. Do you have plans? If you’re visiting Bandung, I’d love to share these 3 best museums in Bandung. People will visit the city for culinary experiences, cafes (we’ll also talk about this in the next post) but people rarely realise that Bandung is also home to some really great museums (very affordable too! Admission tickets are all under Rp 20.000 per person).

Gedung Sate Museum

Jalan Diponegoro No. 22

Gedung Sate is the office of the Governor of West Java (when I visited I was lucky enough to meet him in person, that day he took time to say hello to visitors). In the building complex, there is a museum where we can learn about the history of Gedung Sate and the city of Bandung. You can also visit the Pos Indonesia Museum right next door.

Bosscha Observatory

Bosscha Observatory is the oldest modern observatory in Indonesia. There, we can learn so many things about the outer space. Please check the opening hours and classes schedules before you visit. The classes they conduct there is fun and informative.

Geology Museum

Jalan Diponegoro No. 57

This museum is on the same street as Gedung Sate. I really love this museum! I strongly recommend you to visit this museum if you like to learn about geology. There are so many fossils on display, such as skulls of the first humans and prehistoric animals. The museum also displays minerals, rocks and the meteorite that fell on March 30, 1884 in Madiun. Here you can also learn about the earth and its preservation efforts.

I hope this post excites you to visit museums next time you go to Bandung! Have a great holidays everyone.



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