Must Visit Places in Sydney (Part 2)

Hello! Here is my list of Must Visit Places in Sydney (Part 2), if you want to go and check the part 1, you can click here. Or if you would like to check out my must visit places in Melbourne, you can see it here.

Let’s continue!

Bondi Beach

One of the most iconic places in Sydney! I visited Australia during winter, so the beach was not crowded. If you come during the warmer seasons, expect to see tourists and locals flock into this area for sport and recreation.

Watsons Bay

Do not miss the spectacular view of Sydney CBD skyline from Watsons Bay. You can go up the stairs to the trail that lies there for the view below. After we climbed the trail, we go across the road to the seaside (second photo).

Luna Park

This is a magical place that made me feel like a kid again. I recommend you to visit at night, because all the lights in this theme park will give extra sparkles to your visit. Take your loved ones with you, and have fun!

Sydney Opera House 

Another icon of the city! Sydney Opera House opening ceremony in 1973 was attended by Queen Elizabeth II. The area is so photogenic, you can take photos with good background from anywhere in this area.

Australian Museum

The Australian Museum is the oldest museum in Australia (founded in 1827).  It has vast collection in the field of anthropology and natural history. If you love museums like I do, please make time to stop by this museum when you’re in Sydney. You will not be disappointed! You can learn into details about Australia’s special animals past and present, you can also interact with live insects!

Skeleton of ‘Sir Hercules’ and a rider, 1970. Sir Hercules was bred in 1843 at Clifton Stud on the Hawkesbury River in NSW.

A collection of my birth stone, Topaz.


My visit to Australia was so memorable. I would love to go back again one day with friends and family. Until then, I will keep these memories with me.



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