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Nearly every one of us knows someone who is uncomfortable with his or her lack of height. For women, the problem is easily solved with high heels, but elevator shoes can be another great option for people who don’t want to (or can’t)  wear heels or wedges. Elevator shoes provide discretion, and they are not only for men. In this post, I’m introducing you to elevator shoes from Higher Shoes.

Good quality elevator shoes are very hard to find. There are only a few companies who make elevator shoes and even fewer who make them well. Design is also another important factor in choosing elevator shoes. It is save to say that Higher Shoes got your back. The brand offers range of elevator shoes in so many different style.

You don’t only wear elevator shoes to appear taller. You can also wear them to improve your posture. So whether you want to feel a little taller with a more upright posture for job interviews or that special date with that special someone, elevator shoes can be worn on both occasions. Quite contrary to the common opinion that most elevator shoes look hideous, I do believe that good looking elevator shoes do exist.

A good pair of elevator shoes must not give away the fact that they are elevator shoes to begin with. Elevator shoes can be built into boots, or other kinds of footwear such as dress shoes and trainers (sneakers). Most (if not all) men’s biggest fear when wearing a pair of elevated shoes, is that they will look silly or worse, that people will notice they are wearing a pair of high heel shoes for men. Worry not! There are so many design options that look discreet and fit right into your personal daily style. You don’t have to wear that chunky looking pair of elevator shoes to get your desired height.

Here are my top elevator shoes designs from Higher Shoes (all product links are attached).

The all time classic for any occasions :

This is one of the safest type to invest in. You will get so many use out of this pair, work or date, they got you.

Chamaripa 10cm/3.94 Inch Taller Black Elevator Dress Shoes For Men in Black – $ 139

The semi formal :

You can wear this pair for your smart casual look. The tan colour will look appropriate for any season.

Tall Men Shoes Hidden Heel Shoes that make You Taller 6 CM/2.36 Inches – $ 149

The casual gentleman :

This style of boat shoes screams summer vibes loud and clear when you wear them.

White Boat Shoes that add height invisible heels for men fashion shoes with hidden heel 6 CM /2.36 Inches – $ 149

The decorated gentleman :

Add a little pattern to your footwear can do no wrong.

Black shoes that make you taller mens shoe lift bespoke shoes 7.5CM/2.95 Inches – $ 399

The extra special gentleman :

This crocodile skin material is extra special, only for the extra special kind of gentlemen.

Boutique shoes with extra height black crocodile leather tall shoes 7.5CM/2.95 Inches – $ 959

If you find a pair of elevator shoes that you like, don’t forget to measure your size correctly and read the sizing instruction carefully. Higher Shoes offers free shipping. Good luck and happy shopping!



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