Top Places To Visit in Melbourne, Australia.

I visited Melbourne during my trip to Australia. This city has ranked as the world’s most livable city for the last 7 years, and I can totally see why. It offers you aesthetically pleasing and comfortable modern space, but also the melancholic charm of the commonly found Victorian era architecture. I left a piece of my heart in Melbourne, and here are my top places to visit in Melbourne, Australia.

St Paul’s Cathedral

Located in the corner or Swanston Street and Flinders Street, it is just diagonally opposite the famous Flinders Street Station and Federation Square. So, when you visit this area, there are many places to explore. This cathedral’s design is neo-gothic transitional style and is almost 200 years old. You can visit during its operational hours (check their website for information). To take photos inside, you will need to buy a permission for $5 (which I gladly did so), because the historic interior is just too majestic not to keep with you.


Flinders Street Station

You can see this station across from St Paul’s Cathedral. The main station building was completed in 1909 and serves as the busiest station on Melbourne’s metropolitan network. Do not miss this cultural icon when you visit Melbourne as it is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

State Library of Victoria

Victoria is known as Australia’s state of education, so State Library of Victoria is your must visit when in Melbourne. It is Australia’s oldest public library, it’s collection includes over 2 million books! There are a few reading rooms inside of the library. My favorite one is of course the magnificent La Trobe Reading Room (or previously know as The Dome).  When I sat inside the room and looked around, it took my breath away. I couldn’t help but gasping in awe.

The La Trobe Reading Room


Brighton Bathing Boxes

The bathing boxes at Brighton are an iconic Melbourne “must see”. It was a chilly winter’s day when we visited, but the visit was still a memorable one. One tip, do not forget to pay the parking before you enter the beach. You can be heavily fined if you forget to do so, and the parking boxes only take credit cards. Make sure you bring your cards with you.

After a few spots in the city of Melbourne, now let’s talk about another place outside of the city that became one of the highlights of my trip.

Lake Mountain Alpine Resort

To reach this place, you need to drive for about two hours from Melbourne. It is a closer and more affordable alternative than Mount Buller to enjoy snow activities. If you expect to see a lake there, you’ll be disappointed. There is no lake at Lake Mountain, the area was named after George Lake, who was the Surveyor-General of the area including the mountain.

PS : If you love drinking wine like me, you can drop by one of Yarra Valley’s wineries on the way to or from Lake Mountain. You’ll drive through the beautiful area on the way to Lake Mountain from Melbourne. Just make sure you have enough time 😉
If you need more specific information about visiting Australia, please check this link by our friends at Bookmundi, they put together important information like best time to visit, etc.
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