How To Network for Introverts

No matter what career you are pursuing, networking often to be proven as one weapon to advance your career. But not everyone is built to be naturally comfortable to interact with people, exchange information, and develop contacts. All of the above affairs seem to be more natural for extroverts. So, how to network for introverts? I am an introvert (yes I am!), and I found out that there are things we can do as introverts to network by making the most of the skills we are naturally good at.

However, I often feel like the key to networking and nurturing relationships is you need to find a way to communicate with others that highlights your best qualities yet showing your true selves.

So, ere are 4 effective ways to network as introverts :

One : Make use of our listening skills

Nowadays, we are so accustomed to having social media accounts that enables us to speak our minds freely. Listening is probably that one skill people are forgetting these days. As introverts, we are quite a natural at listening, why don’t we use it for our advantage? Listening to somebody or ongoing conversation means we are able to notice the things that those speaking aren’t. It enables us to say something carefully thought of and people will most likely remember the people who understand and get them.

Two : Team up with an extrovert

They say that you should find someone who is the opposite of yourself as a business partner (sometimes, it is the same with finding a romantic partner!). It also applies for networking, because your extrovert partner in crime might be great at starting conversations, but they usually are not so good for in-depth conversations. You two can work together, allow your extrovert friend to make the introduction and you work on progressing the conversation.

Three : Be genuine, it’s a long term game

At times, everyone (introverts and extroverts, too) can find networking hard and awkward. It is better to admit this and show who you really are by saying, “I find it difficult to speak to many people at once at an event, I’m more comfortable in a smaller setting, so would you like to meet for coffee or tea sometimes and hang out?”. The person will respect your honesty and genuinity. It is a good start for a long term relationship. By showing who you really are, people will trust you more easily and recommend you to people they know. Don’t look like you’re trying too hard!

Four : Make use of social media platform

Social media provides the perfect platform for us introverts to show our colours and shine. Showcase our achievements and skills, because introverts are often the talented ones at expressing ourselves in writing or photography. Keep our profile up to date and use the internet to work in our favour. LinkedIn is a good idea, too.

How is your networking experience so far? Let me know if you have any interesting tips on networking.



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