How I Became My Happier Self

It is my birthday today! It means, it is also this website’s 1st birthday!

I would like to thank everyone who has been supporting, following this project from Day 1 and also to the brands and companies that I  have worked with. I wouldn’t be here without all of you, your support means a lot to me and I will continue to grow with you.

A month leading to my birthday every year, I always do a self-check ritual :

  • What are the things I have done this year?
  • How are they going to bring me closer to my dreams or how have they changed me into a better person?
  • Then, what should I do next year?

It’s a good thing that my birthday is in November. It is a good momentum to figure things out before each year end, leaving me a month or so to execute my goals that year before starting afresh on New Year. Some people think I’m too serious in handling time (if you notice, quality time is easily my most effective love language), but my closest friends know the story of my mother’s pregnancy, that I was a very weak fetus and I almost did not make it into this world, she and my  father did all they could to save me, a total bedrest for weeks and all the money went into medical procedures. Because of that, it is my goal in life to live to the fullest, realise all my potentials into fulfillments, I shouldn’t settle for anything less, because I do realise that each day I have is a gift.

After a long background story (I apologize for that),  I  would love to share a few decisions I have made this year that helped  me be a happier person.

  1. Do positive things that make you happy.

Earlier this year, I took a brave step to realise my life long dream to dance ballet. I have been wanting to dance ballet ever since I was a child, but performing arts are often ignored in an Asian family like mine. I was told to just focus on school and get good marks. I suddenly realised that now I can afford ballet lessons from my incomes, so I enrolled in a ballet class for adults. Beside letting me express myself, it also serves as my routine work out. So, it is a very positive thing for me. For the first time in my life, I performed on stage earlier this month. I danced the Spanish dance from the Swan Lake ballet. It’s a little milestone for me, personally. Creating this blog is also one of the things that I’m glad I did, it opens many opportunities for me this past year.

  1. Build a reliable support network.

I have always been this person who have a few friends around me that I can fall back to when things get tough. They are capable of  knowing when to be brutally honest with me (because they know how strong I can be) and when to cheer me up (on my lowest point). They believe that I can become my best, happiest, most successful self and are willing to help me to achieve that. Also, family support can mean so much when available. Know your people, appreciate them.

  1. Own who you are.

From an early age, I realised that I’m quite different from other girls around me. I would hang out with boys at school because I am a fanatic football fan (shout out to all my Red Devils global family, glory glory Man United!), I am also a Formula 1 fan, the boys and I would talk about all the sporting events that took place during the weekend on Monday morning, at school. It gave me so much joy. I take interests in sports in general. But, I also love dressing up for occassions and doing my makeup. I love to indulge in a glass of wine with ham and cheese, a good book or a good movie, also margaritas with Mexican meals. Learning foreign languages is also something I enjoy. I have no idea how I aquired so many interests, all I know is that I have passions for them. I learned to accept my confusing self and those who really care about you would accept you for who you are, too. Trust me, they won’t judge.

And lastly..

  1. Stop comparing yourself with others.

Lately in my social media, I see my friends are getting engaged, married, some religiously post their kids’ photos and activities. Well, don’t take me wrong, I am very happy for them, and I rather enjoy seeing cheeky faces of my friends’ children on my timeline. But I can’t help but thinking when will I do what they do. I need to remind myself time and time again, that people have their own seasons in life. I never see myself being married young, so why should I suffer from the peer pressure? Vera Wang started her career as a fashion designer at age 40, a tad late than people normally would, but you can’t deny the fact that today she’s one of the world’s premier women’s designer. On the other hand, you have people the likes of Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez who made their fortunes from when they were very young. All are equally successful,  they are creating their own stories.

Finally, each of us are holding a pen in our hands to write the story of our lives. Might as well make it one we would be proud of. Know what you want, and never give up.

Thank you for bearing with me through this very long post. I hope you enjoy my annual self reflection.


With all my heart,



PS : I just set up my Facebook Page for this website as a tool to share my latest blog posts and brands that I work with. So, that my personal Facebook can be used for personal purpose and doesn’t get mixed with work related stuff. Do follow the page here for updates. Thank you!

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