When It’s Time to Mix and Match

Once in a while, we will face the centuries long problem of “I have nothing to wear”. And lately I have been having that. I do realize that I have clothes for at least two life time, so I refused to give up (read : go buying new clothes). Don’t take me wrong, there is absolutely no problem with buying new clothes, I just felt the challenge to work with what I already have this time and mix and match.

So, I searched for the long forgotten pieces in my closet and put my mix and match skill to the test. Here is what I ended up wearing : a white top with details on the sleeves (from last spring season), a short dress that I’ve had forever (I think I bought it about 8 years ago) and a small bag that my sister and I made together (it’s handmade y’all!).

I love how it turned out, so wearing a top underneath a sleeveless dress easily becomes one of my not so secret formulas when it comes to mix and match. You can do it with a sleeveless maxi dress to create a bohemian fall outfit. I’ll show you how in the future, so stay tuned!




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