World’s Most Popular Instagram Filters

If you are an avid Instagram user, then this is the post for you. Canva has announced the world’s most popular Instagram filters and I am going to talk you through them. Which ones get most likes from fellow Instagrammers?

The Most Popular Nature Filters

1st Valencia


2nd Normal


3rd Brooklyn


The Most Popular Fashion Filters

1st Kelvin


2nd Valencia


3rd Nashville

The Most Popular Food Filters

1st Skyline

2nd Normal

3rd Helena

The Most Popular Selfie Filters

1st Normal

2nd Slumber

3rd Skyline & Dogpatch

World’s Most Popular Filter

Clarendon (119 countries)

Juno (4 countries)

Sierra (3 countries)

Valencia (3 countries)


Do you agree with the results? Are your favorite filters among the world’s favorite filters? Let me know!




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