Combat Stress With Aromatherapy

With the holiday season ending very soon, some of us might not be ready to go back to our routines. No worries! In this post, I will share with you my not very secretive secret to combat stress. Stress is very harmful to for our health. It lowers our resistance and makes us more vulnerable to illness and disease.

Stress is also mentally crippling. Our thoughts are very powerful. It’s a tool to create our life. I found that when my mind is clear, I become more efficient in life (work, etc.). There is where aromatherapy comes in handy. I use aromatherapy to break the pattern of circular thinking that is keeping me stressed. Even when there is nothing I can do about a certain situation at that point, I can easily get past the thoughts that interfering with the things I need to focus on.

How do we use essential oils? Well, essential oils enter the body in 3 ways : applied to skin, inhaled or ingested. Personally, I prefer massaging the oil to skin or inhaling it.  I usually use the oils with an oil burner or simply take a few drops of oils on a wet cotton ball and place these balls in the room.

Here are my favorite oils :

Lavender : Known to be an all round healer. The fragrance is calming and gives a sense of clarity to thinking. Lavender also has therapeutic properties : antiseptic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory decongestant, deodorant  and sedative.

Jasmine : Jasmine has been known to ease depression and childbirth. Great for respiratory problems, addiction issues, reducing tension and stress.

Peppermint : Peppermint oil is a cooling agent that enhances mood, sharpens focus, combats irritation and redness, and aids in digestion.

Rose : Rose oil is very ideal for women. It helps with depression, anxiety, blood circulation, heart problem and respiratory condition. It protects your heart and good for the skin.

Tea Tree : Not only it is a natural immune booster, it also fights infection. It works to heal skin conditions, burns and cuts. It helps to soothe and treat cold sores, respiratory conditions, muscle aches, flu, and even dandruff.

Ylang-Ylang : The most powerful calming oil, Ylang-ylang is also effective to soothe headache, nausea, skin conditions, stimulate hair growth, reduce high blood pressure and fight intestinal problems.

NOTE : If you are pregnant, please consult using essential oils with your doctor. Many of the oils are not suitable and should be avoided when pregnant.

Let’s embrace the new year, make all our dreams and goals happen. And on the top of it all, let it be stress free (because we know how to handle it)!



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