Beauty Benefit of Drinking Alcohol

Those who are baffled by the title of this post, please don’t judge before you read the entire post.

It’s 2 weeks before Christmas, my social media accounts have been flooded with Christmas parties and gatherings photos. Are you one of them? Yes, people are making the most of this time of the year and spreading the spirit of Christmas!

What are your must have or must do for Christmas parties? Good food? Fun atmosphere? Exchanging gifts? Costumes? Well, some people would have alcohol in parties. That’s what made me think this is a good time to share with you this piece of information (You’re welcome!).

While enjoying alcohol in excess is of course bad for your health, consuming one glass comes with surprising beauty and health benefits.

Enhance Your Beauty

A study by Bristol University found that drinking wine can make you look more beautiful. This study revealed that people who had consumed one drink were rated more attractive than their sober selves. The researchers suggest that it may have something to do with pupil dilation (which indicate attraction and affinity), muscle relaxation and rosy cheeks.

Love Your Heart

Norwegian University of Science and Technology’s professor, Imre Janszky, stated that those who drink wine, spirits or beer three to five drinks per week are less prone to heart failure and heart attacks than people who rarely or never drink.

Good Night’s Sleep

A restful night sleep does wonders for our appearance, that’s why we call it beauty sleep. Italian scientists found that the grapes used to make red wine contained high level of melatonin (the sleep hormone). So, red wine and beauty do go hand in hand!

You don’t have to drink alcohol to get beauty benefits from it, here are some explanation :

Slow Ageing 

Red wine contains resveratol, an anti-oxidant found in grape skin (where red wine gets it’s colour from) is said to reduce wrinkles. That’s why the ingredient has been combined with vitamins and minerals to create anti-ageing moisturizer.

Tones Skin

Giving your cleansed skin a wipe with a champagne soaked cotton ball is good for you. It sounds weird, but champagne is full of antioxidants and acids that are known to tone skin and an excellent antibacterial making it a suitable choice for those with oily skin.

Please note that you can get benefits from a few drinks a week, drink so much more at your own cost. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy your glass, responsibly.


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