Tips to Buy Cheap Engagement Rings

I can tell you for sure that it is every girl’s dream to have the perfect engagement ring. No matter how much your budget is, there is something for everyone. I’m working together with BBB Gem in this post to share tips to buy cheap engagement rings with you.

The anxiety of having the perfect ring is immense. Firstly, you have to find something that you like and secondly, your decision really should be liked by your partner. Women are very choosy when it comes to certain issues, especially if we are talking about their dream engagement rings. They normally will have imagined something so specific such as a moonstone engagement ring and it’s also only fair for you to make sure that she will be proud to show off the ring among her friends and family.

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A Rose Gold Moonstone Engagement Ring 

On the photo above is one of the affordable rose gold moonstone engagement rings from the brand. If you are on tight budget, it can be something to consider. Remember, the most important thing is the reason why you are purchasing the ring, rather than the materialistic value. Love lasts longer than any expensive jewel, which could be the very reason you should not be under pressure to buy something you can’t afford or above your budget capacity.

The very first place to start looking for engagement rings under $ 500 would be the internet. Most amazing offers are advertised on the net and you can easily choose and buy one with your mobile phone, in the comfort of your home. You will discover two options; the first is to select a tiny genuine diamond or a low-carat diamond or even a cheaper substitute, such as an cubic zirconium, which looks so significantly like real diamonds. The material of the ring can be chosen among a range of metals including white gold or platinum, silver or steel plated with silver.

Here are some of my favorite under $ 500 rings from the website :

Emerald Cut Morganite Ring with Halo – On Sale, Now $ 432
Pear Cut Morganite Ring with Halo – On Sale, Now $ 438

If you want a more simple alternative :

Pear Cut Morganite Ring – On Sale, Now $ 420

If you’re lucky, you might get hold of a classy ring in a reduced price. Stores have discounts during certain seasons, for example Christmas and Valentines. So the next tip is, if you have a plan to propose your partner, purchasing an affordable ring during a discount season and keeping it around prior to you proposing while you bundle up all your courage, is actually a wise choice. Another option is to go for non traditional metals like titanium, zirconium or tungsten. These metals are resilient. A platinum ring costs an average of $ 10,000 whereas a titanium one or even a silver ring with high quality cubic zirconia engagement rings costs only a fraction of the price.

Sterling Silver Ring Set with Cubic Zirconia – $ 113

In the proposal, keep in mind the reason why you do it and just how you can make it special. Obviously, the ring will remain around the finger of your loved one, but the memory from the day of the proposal will be a lot more cherished.

If you’re planning to propose your partner, well, good luck to you!



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