My All Black Casual Outfit

Lately, I have been very busy. I was involved in Art Stage Jakarta 2017 and I have also been working on a few custom made dresses my clients ordered. During hectic time like this, I don’t really think about what outfit to wear. I naturally gravitating towards comfortable black casual outfit. Somehow I find consolation and feel empowered when I’m wearing black. Now brace yourselves, you will see many black outfit in the future! Be sure of it, haha.. I’m not sure if it’s only me, or does anyone else have the same experience ? Let me know in the comment section 😉

I found this pair of ballerina style flats at Topshop, it was love at first sight, and they were on 50% discount which made it even better. I love ballet and dance regularly, so can you imagine how excited I am to be able to incorporate ballet to my everyday outfit?


To recreate this look, you can borrow your boyfriend’s/hustband’s t-shirt. I shop in men section sometime :p

Wishing everybody a wonderful week!



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