Sadhu – A Love for Indonesian Craft

Hello! How was your weekend? I hope it was splendid. It was my little sister’s birthday on Saturday. So, we spent the weekend with celebrating her birthday. I bought a very special sling bag for her as birthday present and so glad that she loves it. The bag was from Sadhu (click here  to see their website).

Sadhu’s founder and designer is Miki Eto. I have known her literally all my life (her parents and my parents are friends since high school, so she probably is the first friend I have in this world). Since we were young, she always has an interest in Indonesian art and culture. It wasn’t a surprise at all when she established Sadhu. Her designs are about making Indonesian handcrafts relevant for everyday wear.


I borrowed the bag from my sister and took photos with it.  (Yes, I borrowed the bag which I bought for her, and she was the one taking these pictures). Since the bag is decorated with bright colored beads, I decided to just wear a basic simple outfit and let the bag takes center stage. I must say it is quite successful.


To check more of Sadhu stuff, you can visit their website or simply check their instagram page @sadhustore .




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