Dress in Floral

A while ago my mother bought me a few yards of cotton cloth. It has this pretty floral print in pink. Well I’m basically a pink girl, so I immediately fell head over heel in love with it (Thanks mum!). Not to mention that cotton is very comfortable to wear. I decided to make it into 2 sets of clothing, one daily casual dress and one set of top and skirt for more formal events. As a fashion student, I made them myself.

When I was designing these, my cousin asked my help to make blue lace dresses for her daughters. It turned out that the lace she bought was too much, and she generously gave me the remaining blue lace because she said she won’t be using it and I would be able to do something with it (If you read this Ce, thank you once again!). I thought the lace will suit the clothes I’m making for myself, even though the cloth and lace are in two different colours. I’m very happy with the result, because dusty pink and dusty blue are two of my favourite colours and they are so lovely when paired together.

I’m the happiest when creating something; creativity is like a therapy for me. Do you consider yourself a creative person? Most of the things we do every day need creativity, from cooking to arranging your homes. I believe when we’re being creative, we will never get bored.



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