My Casual Weekend Outfit

As a freelancer, I have the freedom to create my own daily schedule. So, I don’t hate Monday and thank God for every day (not only when Fridays come), if you know what I mean. Even so, weekends are still pretty special for me. Weekends are days that I get to spend with my loved ones because they work during weekdays.

Beside catching up with my family and friends, one of the things I really love to do on weekends is walking the dogs and play with them outside. This is the simple activity that gives me so much joy. I always wear fun yet simple casual outfits during outings with my four-legged boys.

If you’d like to recreate this look, here are the essential pieces :

1.Classic Cotton Top

I love this striped one, vertical lines often give a slimming effect (stripes can be refreshing for spring too!). The cute tassels and fringes add a fun and casual vibe. This top would also be great for exotic destination holidays, you can pair it with shorts like I did, with your trusty denim pants/skirts or wear it as a swimwear cover-up! Always love a versatile piece.

2. Straw Weave Items

My sister and I are huge fans of straws weave items. We collect straw hats and bags, we just LOVE them! They are durable, too.

I especially like big fluffy bag charms and key chains. I designed and  made this ice cream bag charms myself, and will be available for sale soon. Yay!


3. Comfy and reliable flats

I love these rose gold pair of flats, they are comfortable and the colour adds a little sparkle to a casual outfit. I am a die hard fan of rose gold colour.

They say that it’s the little things in life that gives you joy. I’m always fascinated by how much happiness I get from playing with my dogs or seeing the faces of my close friends or chatting with my family over a glass of wine.

What are the simple things in life that give you joy?



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