Enjoying Lake Toba from Tongging

There are many places to enjoy Lake Toba, since the lake spans over 100 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide. People usually go to Prapat or Balige town to enjoy the beauty of the lake, aside from crossing to Samosir Island in the middle of the lake. This time, I’m going to take you to another alternative of enjoying Lake Toba. It’s from Tongging.

What to enjoy in Tongging ?

Tongging is situated about 900 meters above the sea level, so you can definitely enjoy the panorama here. You will be entertained by the majestic view of lake Toba and you can also visit the Sipiso-piso waterfall.

Sipiso-piso waterfal from across the hill.


On the deck of local restaurant in Tongging. Look at the view!

Local restaurants serve dishes made from fishes and shrimps they caught from the lake. My personal favorites are Grilled Lobsters (Yes! They catch freshwater lobster here and it tastes like heaven!) and fish cooked with arsik (this is a traditional Batak dish).


Where should you stay?

There are not many options in this area. This is a less popular place for the locals since you have to drive about 2 hours from city of Medan through winding roads. They would prefer Prapat or Balige instead. But if you ever come this far, you should stay at Taman Simalem Resort.

The resort is built on 130 hectares of land, you can explore around with electric golf cart the resort provide.They have many facilities and activities you can enjoy including a 9 hole golf course, a flower nursery, avegetable nursery, outbound activities, and I would suggest you to try their body massage service and watch the sunrise over lake Toba. You can also choose to stay in their rooms next to a mini waterfall. Imagine going to bed with the sound of soothing water. This facility also has many incredible spots to enjoy the view of Tongging area below and of course of the lake.

The flower nursery.
Flower arranging session.


Vegetable nursery.



Harvesting the crop for dinner.
Waiting for Mr. Sun.


Sunrise sunrise, looks like morning in your eyes…

Breakfast with a view.

I’m an outdoor type of girl, I totally enjoyed the trekking we got to do here.

The staff said they often see rainbows here.

It was a quite magical experience. I hope you enjoy my travel photo diary.



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