A Valentine’s Day Diary

It’s Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a nice day. Did you plan anything for today? What gifts to buy for that special someone, activities to do, romantic restaurant to have dinner, you name it. You perhaps tried to browse for that perfect dress you’d be happy to be caught dead wearing. Fashion always finds its way into our life, that’s why I love it! It can show our personalities even before a ‘Hello’ or even conceal them. It all comes to our motivations.

In this digital era, where it is acceptable for us to expose ourselves, from what we’re doing at the moment, who we’re spending time with, how we look today, why we still find it easier to see into others than to see and know our-actual-selves? Many times, I don’t even know what I want and lose the ability to identify myself. Are there too many distractions? Or are we too busy focussing on how we want others to see us? Until at last, we are left drowning in this “image” we are so busy creating and lose our-real-selves in the process. I asked myself : “Was it all worth it?”.

This is why relationships are important. I am grateful for everyone I know or knew in the past, with many scenarios, each has taught me to live and love, to be stronger. In honor of celebrating Valentine’s Day, I would like to encourage you to love yourself and start a journey of rediscovering, developing, celebrating your truest selves and realising your potentials, if you haven’t. At least do something about it, don’t be happy just sitting on the top of it. You owe it to the world, it can use a little of your sparkle.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

PS : One of my favorite activities is taking a long stroll. I love having good conversations while walking, so easily this is what I love to do on Valentine’s Day (a very good alternative, since most of the nice restaurants are fully booked and crowded). It’s relaxing for me to be outdoors and exploring new roads, even during rainy days like today (oh, I love rains, too).




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