A Few of My Favorite Things

As the northern hemisphere welcomes fall, we are also embracing the rainy season here in the tropical islands of Indonesia. It rains everyday, but it is my favorite weather. It’s underwhelming for some people, but there is nothing a cup of tea can’t fix. Yes, I drink tea daily since I was little, and the last few years I drink approximately 3 to 4 cups a day (and I am having a cup right now while writing this post). I enjoy drinking tea before bed, it gives me a nice relaxing effect.

My closet is dominated with basic colours, it’s safe to say that most of my outfits are black, white, grey and nude. I love lace materials, and managed to find a cute black lace skirt during my last visit to H&M. I wore this black on black look by teaming my new found skirt with a perfect bodysuit from Forever21 and my trusty suede Zara pumps (and by the way pumps are my favorite type of shoes).

Processed with Snapseed.


Processed with Snapseed.

image1Some says I am an old soul. I love to sit down and enjoy myself with a cup of tea or sometimes with a good book as company. What are your favorite things? Have you had the chance to enjoy them lately?





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