Walking Down The Memory Lane

When my grandmother passed away many years ago, I ended up inherited many of her clothes. It was because I was the only one who fit her size. We lived in different cities and I visited her once a year, or she would fly to Jakarta and stayed with us for some time. From what I remember, she was always this flamboyant personality. Bold, confident and extremely blunt. She always dressed properly (bespoke, tailored blazers, pants or skirts) for outings and she would wear maxi dresses with bright colors at home.My favorite memory of her was looking at her smoking with her always perfectly manicured nails with striking colors (pink, fuschia, red, you name it). The whole picture was somewhat fascinating for me.

We weren’t particularly close, but now I can see that we have a few things in common. She always chose classic style of outfits, and I still wear them today. Yes, they are still in very good condition and I love them. Beside her clothes, I also inherit her bluntness and her love for dogs.


This blazer used to be hers, and as I was strolling with Muri, my Pomeranian, I walked down the memory lane once again.

Sending you love from the rest of the pack …



Hat & Shoes – Mango


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