No Makeup No Worries

Living in a tropical country with sun all year long really instills the love of being outdoor in me. But with the hot weather and humidity, it’s really impractical to apply lots of makeup. So a friend of mine introduced me to this makeup application that we can easily download and use with our smartphones. It is quite amazing so I thought that I will share with you here.


This is the original photo with almost no makeup :

image1 (3)

With a touch of little makeup from the application :


All I did was adding blush on my cheeks and eyelashes, but totally freshened up my look.

There are some makeup filters you can choose from but you can also customize your own. This application is really helpful to enhance your social media photos if you happen to not wearing any makeup or if you want to try something fun like this :

image2 (2)

Yes, I turned myself into an evil looking witch. Fun, isn’t it?

You can try it yourselves ! (This is a non-sponsored post by the way)

image1 (1)

Now I don’t have to worry or freak out if my photos look pale with my minimal makeup, I can always touch them up a little bit. Stay cool everyone!


This amazing bodysuit is from H&M (I love wearing bodysuits because they fit our bodies like gloves, and H&M happens to have a wide range of bodysuits with many styles).

I scooped this hat, bag and cute bag charm on a trip to Insadong (cool shopping district!) in South Korea.


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